Every cabinet starts out as a design concept.

At Siteline, we start with a blank slate. Then add your vision. We own no storage facilities. There are no warehouses full of preconceived notions and pre-fabricated products. With the expansive Siteline Cabinetry style, material and finish/color palette, your vision can be achieved. Our goal is to meet your exacting standards and exceed your expectations. What’s your vision?

Made To Last

We know you want as little down-time as possible, because living in a remodeling zone is rough on the whole family.  That’s why we deliver our Siteline cabinets in less than the typical custom cabinet lead-time.

So how do we do it?

Well, first let’s clarify – we do not pull Siteline cabinets from a warehouse for your new kitchen or bath – we build everything to your designer’s specifications.  In other words, we don’t start until your order is submitted to our plant.  We construct everything in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Virginia, where our cabinetmakers are skilled craftspeople using the latest technology with exacting standards.  And because Siteline offers so many pre-configured choices, and is built within engineered standards, we are able to create cabinets faster than a typical plant.

Siteline is made to order, delivered with ease.

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